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Why You Should Start Using AI in Your Business Today?

Elon Musk

AI Tools are like the Ironman suit; Tony Stark is not a superhero or a god. He is just a human being. This is what Gen AI and AI tools can do for every business. It's your AI power suit... A team of 10 can have the footprint of 1,000

Business in 2024

If you use AI

  • Business Plan at 0€ in under 4 hours
  • Build a Website at €10-€100 in 4-8 hours
  • Video Content for €0-€100 in 1-3 hours
  • Monthly Social Media Content for €0-€50 in 2-4 hours
  • Data Analysis for €10-€50 in 1 day
  • AI Customer Support 24/7 for €10-€100 per month
  • AI predictive analytics forecast with 85% accuracy

If you don't use AI

  • Business Plan at €1,000-€5,000 in 2-8 weeks
  • Build a Website €1,000-€15,000 in 4-6 weeks
  • Video Content for €2,000-€10,000 in 2-4 weeks
  • Monthly Social Media Content for €1,000-€10,000 in 1-2 weeks
  • Data Analysis for €1,000-€7,000 in 1-3 weeks
  • Customer Support for €1,000-€10,000 per month
  • Manual forecasting with 60% accuracy

The only course you need to start using AI in your business

Complete Course:
AI in Your Business 2.0
6 modules
30 lessons
120 minutes
one-time payment
€1000 €199
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SEO-Optimized Articles
Leadership Strategy Consulting
Conducting Research
Social Media Content Creation
Legal and Compliance Guidance
Leadership Strategy Consulting
Providing Mentorship and Advice
Crafting Presentations
Post- Course: Your Business
AI Chatbot Creation
Tasks Automated 24/7
Video Production
Website Development
Capturing Leads
Developing SWOT Analyses
Performing Data Analytics
Sales Scripting
Analyzing Competitors
Financial Advisory Services
Innovating New Product Ideas
Formulating Marketing Strategies
Generating Banners
Legal and Compliance Guidance
Providing Mentorship and Advice
Conducting Research
Leadership Strategy Consulting
Social Media Content Creation
Crafting Presentations
Leadership Strategy Consulting
SEO-Optimized Articles
Video Production
AI Chatbot Creation
Crafting Presentations
Post-Course: Your Business
Tasks Automated 24/7
Website Development
Analyzing Competitors
Capturing Leads
Performing Data Analytics
Formulating Marketing Strategies
Sales Scripting
Developing SWOT Analyses
Financial Advisory Services
Generating Banners
Innovating New Product Ideas

Course Program

  • Introducing to AI

    MODULE 1
    1. What is GPT and why is next revolution for humanity
    2. How it works
    3. How to create an account an d how to interact
    4. Unlimited possibilities. Be first who take advantages
    5. What about is this course and how to take maximum from it?
  • AI-Enhanced Strategic Marketing Foundations

    MODULE 2
    1. AI-Powered Market Research Strategies
    2. Leveraging AI for SWOT Analysis
    3. Competitor Analysis with AI insights
    4. Crafting an AI-Infused Marketing Strategy
  • AI-Powered Content Creation for Marketing Success

    MODULE 3
    1. Creating Websites with AI: Efficiency and impact
    2. Blogging and Social Media Posts Made Smarter with AI
    3. Designing Eye-catching Banners Using AI Tools
    4. Producing Engaging Videos with AI Assistance
    5. Dynamic Presentations Made Effortless with AI
  • AI-Driven Lead Generation and Sales Strategies

    MODULE 4
    1. Optimizing Lead Generation Processes with AI
    2. AI Chatbots: Streamlining Customer Interaction and Sales
    3. Automating Business Processes with Zapier and AI
    4. Unlocking insights: Analyzing Sales Phone Calls with AI
    5. AI-Enhanced Sales Strategy Development
  • AI-Enhanced Learning for Skill Mastery

    MODULE 5
    1. Mastering Finances with AI-Powered Insights
    2. AI-Driven Marketing Skill Enhancement
    3. Sales Excellence with AI-Powered Tools
    4. Legal and Compliance Proficiency with AI Guidance
    5. Leadership Skills Amplified by AI Support
  • Bonus Module

    MODULE 6
    1. Competitor Analysis with AI insights
    2. AI-Powered Market Research Strategies
    3. Crafting an AI-Infused Marketing Strategy
    4. Leveraging AI for SWOT Analysis

They are already implementing AI in their businesses

  • I purchased this course to learn how to use AI in my business operations (I own an SMM agency), and after completing it, I launched a new venture. We began creating chatbots for other businesses! This is the future; our clients used to spend around 100 employee hours per month responding to potential customers. Now, we set up AI chatbots for our clients that answer potential customers 24/7 and generate more leads than employees ever did. It's a burgeoning industry, and I plan to carve out my own niche. Remarkably, with an initial investment of just €199 in the course, I generated over €7,500 in the first month alone. In the first two weeks alone, I sold this service to 50% of my existing clients, and they are simply astonished by the results AI can deliver. I'm planning a complete shift in my business focus in the coming months!

    Erik Svensson
    CEO of EdgeGrow Solutions
  • My boss got me this course to optimize our marketing department. We offer IT services to enterprise companies and used to manually search for clients on LinkedIn and conduct email outreach. With three lead getters, we averaged about two new meetings per month. After completing this course, I started using automation tools for follow-ups, expanding our reach from 1,000 contacts on LinkedIn and 1,000 emails to 5,000 on LinkedIn and 12,000 emails. The AI suggested (imagine this!) a new approach: instead of directly offering our main service to clients, we created a lead magnet. This approach significantly increased responses, leading to 30 meetings in the first month with minimal costs - and we're just beginning to test these tools. Had someone told me this was possible a month ago, I'd have thought they were crazy - but it's real. I've been in this business for 5 years, and AI has changed my perspectives in just one month! You guys are amazing, AI Assistant!

    Hannah Bauer
    CMO of QC Soft
  • Having worked in retail marketing in the past, I always knew I'd open my own store someday, but I was hesitant to make the leap. Then I stumbled upon this course and decided to give it a try - and guys, it's phenomenal. It was like a puzzle coming together in my mind, and by the third month, I made a profit of €10,000. I was initially hoping for at least €3,000 (a significant amount here in Poland). Now, I've set a new goal of reaching €100,000 per month within the next six months. It seems I might exceed my expectations once again! A huge thank you to AI Assistant for this incredible course.

    Marek Wiśniewski
    Founder of LuxeLoop
  • Everything in the course is brilliant, but the section on video creation is absolutely stunning. I run a school, and now I plan to create courses with AI, which will reduce costs tenfold. We're using AI to structure our courses, adapt our material to generate scripts for videos, and now, we're even turning our instructors into AI characters. Previously, it took us 2-3 months to create a course; with AI, we're doing it in 2-3 weeks - meaning we can create four times as many courses in a year! Not to mention, TikTok is one of our main marketing channels, and thanks to AI, we've grown our audience from 50k to 130k in just one month! I highly recommend this course to everyone; it's your gateway to the possibilities AI offers! 

    Charlotte Taylor
    Founder of LuxeLoop
  • I'm incredibly excited after completing the course because I truly believe that in the near future, it will be possible to set up bots instead of hiring employees to operate 24/7. In fact, this has inspired me to create a startup based on this concept, aiming to combine several AI tools so that new businesses can create AI employees. Currently, I run a marketing agency, and with AI tools, I can take on twice as many projects without needing to hire more staff. It's brilliant, and I've only been using AI for a month! Thank you, guys, I think it's time to raise the course price for the value it provides :)

    Théo Bernard
    Co-founder of AI Propel
  • I had experimented with GPT before and even purchased many prompts. However, it wasn't until this course that I truly understood how to interact with AI to get the results I want. I've updated the marketing strategy for my online store, where I sell gadget accessories. I've already implemented an AI chatbot on my website and automated content creation for social media. I feel like I'm just at the beginning of this journey, and AI will completely transform my business and the industry at large - and I stand to gain significantly from it. 

    Liam Davies
    Founder of Tech Trove


  • Does this course provide everything I need, or will I be required to purchase additional materials or services?

    This course stands alone as a complete package, ensuring you won't face any surprise upsells or need to buy extra materials after enrollment. We've distilled our extensive two-year journey with AI into a straightforward, two-hour course designed for immediate application.

  • Are there any interactive or practical components in the course?

    Our course focuses on a specific case study where we apply AI technologies to a business model. In just 2 hours, we teach you all these techniques through a detailed process. You'll simply follow along, making it easy to replicate and apply the same AI solutions to your own business.

  • Is this course suitable for someone with minimal technical or AI knowledge?

    Yes, absolutely. This course is designed to be accessible to anyone who can use a computer. You don't need any previous knowledge, skills, or experience in AI or technology to successfully participate and gain value from the course.

  • Are there any real-world examples of small businesses successfully implementing AI?

    Absolutely, the era of AI is not just for large corporations anymore. Small businesses are increasingly adopting AI to drive exponential growth and streamline their operations. For inspiring examples of small businesses successfully implementing AI, please take a moment to read the reviews shared above.

  • Can I access the course materials at any time, and for how long after purchase?

    Yes, you can access the course materials at any time and from any device, offering you the flexibility to learn at your own pace. Once purchased, the course will be available to you for 365 days.

  • What are the initial costs associated with adopting AI in my small business?

    Starting with AI in your small business can be highly cost-effective. Initially, you can leverage free tools that still offer significant advantages. For more advanced capabilities, we recommend certain tools that may cost between €10 to €50. These investments are modest in comparison to the potential benefits and growth AI can bring to your operations.